2nd Grade at Riverwalk Academy

Fall is here!!! It has been so beautiful and cool outside. In 2nd grade we have been learning about so many fun  and interesting things. We hoped everyone that came out to our Fall Festival enjoyed it, like we did. This week we will be wrapping up the unit on weather, inference and prediction, narrative writing, and adding two digit numbers. Please rememeber to check out our website on a weekly basis. 

Warm Regards,

The 2nd Grade Team

 Ms. Wilcox, Mrs. Smith, and Ms. Bowman




Important Dates

October 30th: Report Cards Go Home

October 30th: Wear Red Day 

October 31st: Students and Staff can wear costumes to school ( please no mask or face paint) 

November 2nd: Chapter 3 Math Test 



    Weekly Learning:


    This week we will be focusing on and reviewing inference and prediction. We will be reading different stories and understanding how to predict and infer throughout the story. During the children independent reading time they will also be doing this same strategy on their own and writing it down in their Reading Journal to be checked daily.

    This week the students will be reviewing the steps to writing. They will be writing a narrative piece on any topic they choose. They just will have to include certain words given by the teacher.

    Spelling: Students will be taking a spelling inventory this week to see where they are. We will also begin using the "Hunks and Chunks" spelling program in class this week as well.




    Weekly Learning:

    This week the students will be still learning about adding two digit numbers using different strategies.

    Fact Fluency Quiz: Monday

    Chapter 3 Study Guide will go home on Tuesday (31st)

    Chapter 3 Test: Thursday (11-2-17)

  • PBL Corner

    Social Studies/Science

    Our current PBL is still being learned. Our driving question is: How does weather affect where we live and how we live?

    - We are learning about daily and seasonal weather patterns. The student will also be able to analyze and interpret data from observations and measurements to describe the local weather conditions (including temperature, wind, and forms of precipitation). The student will analyze local weather data to predict daily and seasonal patterns over time. The student will develop and use models to describe and compare the effects of wind (moving air) on objects.The student will obtain and communicate information about severe weather conditions to explain why safety precautions are necessary.

    - Students will make a weather news report on a particular location. It will be videotaped and email out to parents.

    Yearly PBL Focused:
    We are all unique, but together we are one big MASTERPIECE!

  • Class Wish List

    Clorox Wipes


    Dry Erase Markers

    Extra Snacks

  • ELA Homework:

    Reading: Students should be reading every night for a total of 20 minutes. Please complete the reading log in their daily folders. At the end of every month the reading logs will be collected and counted as a grade.

  • Math Homework:

    Skill Practice: Please encourage your learner to practice their addition and subtraction math facts.

    Games/Website Recommendations:

Oct. 30, 2017

Report Cards

Report Cards will go home on Monday. Please review, sign, and return.

Oct. 30, 2017

Red Ribbon Week Continued

Monday : 30th Wear Red Day

Tuesday : 31st Students are allowed to wear costumes (please no mask or paint)

Oct. 31, 2017

Ordering Scholastic Books

If you would like purchase books from scholastic please use Mrs. Smith's code to place the order. She will make sure to confirm the order once she has received the confirmation through email:)


Code: R4N86

Arriving on Time to School !!!

Instruction begins promptly at 8:00 for Math Workshop. Please have your learner to school in time for them to be ready to learn at 8:00. We will hate for them to miss any learning material. Thank you for your help regarding this matter.


As you already know, we are doing PBIS this year. Each teacher give points base on the schoolwide expectations that are already set for us.(PRIDE). Some examples that your child may receive points for is doing their best, staying focus on them, completeing their task on time, being kind to others, walking in the hallway quietly, staying focus during whole group, doing their class job really well, and showing PRIDE all day. It is important to understand that points are given out indivdually to each particular child, and that each situation is different on why they receive points and how much points they receive. Also please be aware that any teacher or administrator can give your child points when they see them showing PRIDE as well.